Power washing and sealing roofs with a roof Coating. Our roof coating is the best one part sealer that penetrates and forms a protective roof coating that extends the life of old roofs.

Powerwashing and sealing roofs • Improved appearance — Helps maintain the structural strength and stability of the wood by reducing cupping, cracking, and splitting caused by cyclical exposure to sun and rain. • Prolonged useful life — Helps prolong wood’s useful life by reducing the effects of weathering. • Ability to stop aging — Helps absorb into the wood and improves the appearance of roofs.




What are the main advantages of block paver sealer?

• Matt or wet look finish • No more weeds or moss • No loss of jointing sand • Stops oil stains • Ice won’t set on the pavers

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What are the main advantages of sand?

• Optimal joint stabilization • Stops weed and moss growth and ant infestation • Added resistance against natural erosion • A more aesthetic appearance of paver joints


Seen cracks or splits round the edges of your flat roof? Spotted damp patches on your ceiling? Do you have missing or loose tiles or is your roof covered in moss? It’s likely your roof requires some TLC to keep your home well insulated, structurally sound and protected from the elements. We carry out high-quality roof repairs and maintenance to fix leaks, mend general wear and tear, and restore damage caused by the weather.


Patio steam cleaning is by far the most efficient and effective way to clean all types of patios made from natural and artificial stone. Steam cleaning not only offers great cleaning benefits but is also kind to surfaces.

If too much pressure is applied to a patio when cleaning, it can easily cause unnecessary damage. Common damage caused by high-pressure jet washing includes indentations or surrounding pointing to be cracked or knocked out of place.

Patio steam cleaning uses a delicate combination of super-heated water and extremely low pressure. Steam cleaning at 150° cleans patios in the most effective and also efficient way possible. Steam cleaning patios at 150° effortlessly remove stubborn surface dirt as well as all types of organic matter including algae and patio-black spots, but it also kills all biological spores on the surface during the gentle cleaning process leaving all patios 100% sterilised upon completion, therefore resulting in surfaces staying cleaner over much longer periods of time.


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